Sunday, September 23, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012

I've been working on coming up with an idea for my NaNoWriMo novel. I knew I wanted to do something about the British SAS. Unfortunately, historical research is a problem for me, since I have a ton of school I need to focus on (I'm in major danger of flunking high school at the moment) and don't have time.
So, my little historical novel has transformed into a science fiction novel, which I believe will be easier for me.

I started out with two vague ideas--World War II and time travel--that I would have liked to work with. Using the 'What-If' process that my good friend Varon showed me, I created a list of questions for myself to answer. Here are those, along with the answers I came up with:


What if a specific, major event in our history had gone differently?: Let's say Hitler had won the World War. There would be very little Jews left, and very little men willing to oppose him. Hitler would probably have soldiers posted in most of the major cities (the ones that hadn't been destroyed during the war), making sure everybody stays in line--and consequently terrifying everyone into submission. Obviously, Hitler would be dead by now, from old age (unless Indiana Jones failed and Hitler came in control of the Holy Grail [or perhaps the Fountain of Youth]). New leaders at least as cruel as Hitler would have been appointed through the years.

How would that have changed the world in the future?: In my mind, pollution and general negligence of protecting the environment would make it a very cold, very dull, and very disease-ridden place. Also, most of the cities of the world would have been destroyed, taken over, or turned into factories or concentration camps, more than likely. Germany would be the most busy place; where the largest amount of people are safe, healthy, and alive--not in danger, sickly, and dead.

What if the end of the world was brought on by that event, and the mission was a last desperate attempt--similar to a 'we're all going to die anyway, so if we die on this mission it's just happening sooner' affect?: Well, I can understand how that might happen--in the end, all of humanity might die out, except for the people in Germany and safe strongholds/underground hiding places. Also, the climate or air in general could be majorly compromised, thus making the world a diseased place, plagued and uninhabitable. The world wouldn't be destroyed, per se; there would simply be no chance of people living there. If the SAS mission was for them to assassinate the new leader of Germany, it would be a last chance effort: win, or lose.

What would the world be like in the future?: Very desolate, gray, and dangerous. Threats from soldiers and feral animals that have no food. Mutated animals who have had to evolve into hideous creatures in order to survive. Sunlight almost always blocked by clouds of smog and smoke. Lots of concrete near the places where people live and had lived before; mostly brown grassland where no one lives, since the grass isn't getting enough sunlight and most of the forests and jungles have been cut down.

Would any of the militia have newer, more advanced weaponry?: Well, most likely Germany would. But the other militias of the world have either been wiped out or have surrendered. Even though they had surrendered, they would not be supplied weaponry.

What about newer, more advanced technology in general?: Most likely not. Except for Germany of course.

What sorts of new inventions could there be?: Probably nothing past what we have now, and certainly most advanced in Germany. Germans (the only ones allowed to invent things, besides very well-contained prisoners) would only be able to go so far with inventing stuff.

Is time-travel possible, or could it become possible (maybe that's the reason for all the fighting)?: Hmm... maybe time travel is something Germany's new leader is on the verge of discovering (if this is the case, I might have to invent some more new technology instead of just modern stuff). Perhaps my team of SAS soldiers would be trying to stop him, because if he did, he would go back in time, mess everything up, and possible capture innocent people to use as his slaves.

Would it be too much to bring aliens into the mix?: Probably, yes. Honestly, I would really want to deal with aliens anyway. Mutated animals and maybe people, yes. Aliens, no. I'd have my hands full trying to figure out what to do with time travel and the historical differences.

Or to have humans that have evolved to receive some odd attribute, like breathing underwater?: Definitely too much. That makes it more into a fantasy story (which, I admit, I would love; other people might not). Time travel is even stretching it.

What climate/geography changes could have occurred to bring this on?: None, since I don't believe any of my humans will evolve and receive some weird ability.


Okay, I have no idea where or why I came up with the underwater-breathing human question. Just my mind rambling.

But those questions gave me a vague idea of a plot. Vague, mind you; no need to poke fun or criticize the questions, since it was simply a brainstorming exercise. Though I think I could fit the time travel in without making it too much.

Ideas? Suggestions? Advice? Please leave a comment!