Friday, August 24, 2012

Methinks I Might Have An Idea For This Year's NaNoWriMo (finally)

Well, this is just a vague idea. But I've been learning about different wars and warfare lately, and I thought it would be cool to take seven soldiers, maybe ones from the SAS, and send them into a mission.


In which my sadistic mind kills off at least three of the characters. Which, it isn't really sadistic since that's what war is, but I don't normally kill any of my characters off.

Anyway, all I really have at the moment is a list of characters and some famous lookalikes. I need a title and a plot...

Seth Sheppard - Sean Bean

Tommy Cade - Dominic Monaghan

Christopher Gunn - Viggo Mortensen    

Jamie Grant - Ewan McGregor

Ewan Dillinger - Jude Law

Finn Morann - Random Scottish guy I don't know

Nathan Shaw - Billy Boyd

Friday, August 3, 2012

Songs Of Old

Well, I was so interested in my brainstorming activity earlier, I got an idea for a song from it. Granted, the song isn't very good--most of my songs aren't--but I'm rather happy with the overall product. I also hope to put it to music soon...someday...
Let me know what you think!

The drumbeats pulse in time with your heartbeats,
The melody of the flute gently urges you to compete,
The wandering tune of the lute shows you the way,
Let the songs of old show you the path to take.

I summon the Windsong,
Both gentle and strong,
I summon the Rainsong,
Giver and taker of life,
I summon the Thundersong,
One whose path is straight and right,
I summon the Earthsong,
Dark and hidden from all light.

Pound your stoic fists against the drum,
Let your fury free and let the storm come,
Send your gentle breath into the flute,
Let the music out, let it embrace you.

Fingers flying across the strings of the lute,
The leaves of the trees dance, let your foes follow suit,
Draw your hand across the strings of the harp,
Soft the melody is, but its effect is cruel and hard.

I summon the Windsong,
Both gentle and strong,
I summon the Rainsong,
Giver and taker of life,
I summon the Thundersong,
One whose path is straight and right,
I summon the Earthsong,
Dark and hidden from all light.

Wind, Rain, Thunder, Earth...
Wind, Rain, Thunder, Earth...

Brainstorming Fantasy Trilogy Ideas...

I got this idea from an 'Idea Pool' down at Castles, Quills, and Cameras. Be sure to check it out; it's an amazing blog!

All right, so, let's say that the MacGuffins for my fantasy trilogy are musical instruments. That would be a good idea, since I'd like music to play an integral part in the book.
So, let's say that the three instruments are a drum, not unlike a bodhran; a flute; and a lute.
Each of them could have a magical song you have to play. And each specific song calls up some sort of...thing.
Maybe the drum could call up thunder and lightning storms. And the flute could call up water. The lute could summon the wind, maybe?
If so, the titles of my books could be as follows:

The Songs of Old: Windsong
The Songs of Old: Rainsong
The Songs of Old: Thundersong

That would be nice. Three instruments, three books, three main characters to use them. Ingvar could have the lute, Terran could have the drum, and Keallan could have the flute. Technically, that even fits with their characters! Keallan is related by marriage to the Elves, whom use flutes as a major part of their music. Ingvar has played the lute since he was a young boy in Evenir. And Terran harbors so much pent-up anger and loathing towards Rarrick that he needs to get out; a drum would be perfect for him.

And maybe there could be a fourth, unknown musical instrument, and owned by none other than Lord Rarrick. It could call up something like...rock, or earth, and it could be, like, a Celtic harp. "I summon the Earthsong" or something like that. Or, if I manage to fit a fourth book in (although that's doubtful), the title could be:

The Songs of Old: Earthsong

And Rarrick could have stolen it from the Dwarves. It would fit, y'know. I already planned for each of the MacGuffins to belong to one of the major kingdoms/realms of Elani.
So, for instance, the relations could go something like this:

The Rainsong (flute) belongs to Daerdan, kingdom of the Solas Elves
The Windsong (lute) belongs to Cambria, the Western Realm
The Thundersong (drum) belongs to Evenir, the Eastern Realm
The Earthsong (harp) belongs to Kazad, kingdom of the Dwarves

Hmm. It actually seems more likely for the drum to belong to the Dwarves. So perhaps I should switch instruments so that the Thundersong is actually a harp--no. It only makes sense for it to be a drum, because of thunder and all that. Besides, I kind of like the contradiction of the Dwarves, commonly a gruff, rough, and tough people, playing music on Celtic harps.

And it would be interesting if the musical instruments were created with the intention of teaching peace of mind and serenity in chaos to the user. For instance, whoever is using the instrument might have to play a specific melody, and speak an incantation. Now, obviously, they'll be in the middle of great danger while doing this; it'll take a lot of serenity and courage to be able to do that without messing up.

The incantation for the Rainsong could be something like, I call upon the Rainsong, the one that can give life; the one that can take life. I summon the rain. I summon the seas, the oceans, the rivers. I summon the Rainsong.

And then maybe the instruments don't actually summon storms and wind and all that; maybe they summon animals or humans with magical powers to fight. Or maybe it can just summon the actual storms. Or...

Sheesh. Brainstorming this has gotten me majorly excited. It just might be the motivator I need to finish my trilogy once and for all.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Well, I've Finally Decided... get a move-on and start working on some sort of writing. Besides poetry. Because I write that way too much and ignore the fact that I have a bunch of novels that need my attention.

I actually have enough time on my hands to do so. But the Worst Enemy of the Writer has been lurking...

The Internet.
Yeahhh. I'm a tad obsessed with the Internet. Not just as a time-waster, mind you. I have a few friends that I talk to who can get depressed from time to time, and I like to try and make them feel better. That's what takes up most of my free time, really.

Well, that being said, I'm going to try and concentrate on my writing. My mom has actually banned me from working on it after 6:30PM, because that's family time. Which I understand. But 6:30PM-8:00PM is pretty much the only time I have absolutely nothing else to do--no chores, no Internet access, no errands to go run, no school...

But family time is important, so I must find time during the day to write. However, even if I do avoid the Internet, I still get asked to do chores every few minutes (because my brother has a problem with HEARING people and never does his), and then we do have places to go. And of course there's another common Enemy of mine:

Yeah, I put that one in all caps and bolded it and all that because of one reason--I really am disliking high school. I'm in 10th grade, and some of it is actually pretty easy for me. History and Geography; English; and Bible. Mostly because I read the Bible a lot and already know most of the answers to my problems, and I'm kind of obsessed with history and other countries. And English is kind of obvious. When I was able to start reading longer books, at around age 8 or so, I was reading high school grammar books that I found in the novel-writing section of my library. *headdesk* I was an odd kid.
But the Biology and Geometry... after finishing that, I'm brain-dead. I just can't grasp the concepts of it, and I'm kind of afraid I'll fail miserably.

Anyway, I kinda got off-track there.

My new priorities are to set aside some time to work on editing The Night Phoenix, and plotting out my fantasy trilogy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm the kind of person who prefers jumping right into a book and letting it show me where to go. Unfortunately, with longer books, or more often than not, trilogies or series, you have to plan them out. Otherwise, things come up that you forgot or want to add in. And when that happens, it usually changes the whole course of events in the novel so far, which means you have to rewrite most of it, if not the whole dang thing.

So I'm planning my fantasy trilogy out, slowly but surely (okay, not so surely. So sue me). I like the characters, I like my fantasy world (Solarii is its name, though the novel takes place in Elani, one country), and I like the basic plot I've come up with for them. They just need fleshing out.

So, that's about it!