Thursday, May 15, 2014

Of Whispers and Wanderings - Free Promo

Let me guess, that 'free' in the title is what caught your eye. Shush, now, don't deny it. You know it did. ;)

Anyway, yes - I published Of Whispers and Wanderings last year. The ebook is free until May 19th. This isn't a big event or anything like that; I'll save that for my next published work (and no, you don't get any information about that, because for one, I have to finish writing it, and for another, telling you about it ruins the surprise). Here's the link to it on Amazon:

Of Whispers and Wanderings

All that is happening here is that my collection of short stories and poems is free, as far as the ebook goes, for five days. Part of this is to hopefully get more people aware that I'm a writer. The other part is, hey, free books. Everyone likes free books. And it will make them happy to get something for no money. Right?

So yes; that's about all that needs to be said...

Oh! One more thing! I would appreciate it so very much if those of you who do download and read Of Whispers and Wanderings leave a review for it. It would mean a lot, regardless of whether you hated or loved the book. *grins*

I would also appreciate it if anyone who sees this (if they're so inclined) can share the blog post on social networks and what-not. Like I said, I'm trying to get the word out about my books and such. :)

That's all, I suppose. Have fun! I hope. You're free to sue me though if my book, like, makes you blind or gives you permanent brain damage. ;)

Until next time,

Theodora Ashcraft