Sangre: The Phantom's Lair

Status: Published on Amazon.com in Spring of 2011. You can find it on Amazon at this link: Sangre: The Phantom's Lair

Description: Jack Renegade, a pirate with a troubled past and a changed name, now has yet another problem: there's a legendary creature terrorizing the Caribbean. Despite the fact that this creature could harm him at any time, Jack refuses to hunt it down and kill it.

However, refusal isn't acceptable. Captain Matt Flint of the Revenge forces Jack into it, saying that if he doesn't go after the creature, then he won't leave Matt Flint's ship--alive. So Jack reluctantly agrees, and, with his crew, heads for a supposedly destroyed island to find the creature and defeat it.

Filled with shadow-monsters, determined pirates, angry British soldiers, and more, this novel will put Jack through trouble and turmoil, leading up to a final battle with the mysterious creature, in which Jack has two choices: prevail, or die.


Of Whispers and Wanderings
Status: Published on Amazon.com in Spring of 2013. You can find it on Amazon at this link: Of Whispers and Wanderings

Description: "From mysteries, hope, and magic
From brave hearts and lives so tragic
Gypsies sing and dragons fly
Running wolves and stars in the sky..."

Of Whispers and Wanderings is a collection of short stories, songs, poems, and drabbles. With multiple themes, this collection will have something for everyone.


Heralds of Courage: A Holy Worlds Anthology
Status: Published on Amazon.com in Summer of 2013. I have two drabbles (100-word stories) featured in it; Never Alone and Remember My Mercy. You can find it on Amazon at this link: 
Heralds of Courage: A Holy Worlds Anthology

Description: Justice is - the punishment of the guilty, deserved rewards, a righteous God; the absence of mercy.

Hope is - a quiet faith in things unseen, a chance to turn your life around; the will to continue.

Honor is - kneeling in prayer, never quitting, doing what must be done; making the right decision.

Courage is what happens when these three things come together.

From the authors of The Sword and the Pen comes another anthology, this time branching out to include short stories as well as poetry, drabbles, and prose that defies definition. Authors were challenged to write on one of three different topics and the result is 36 breathtaking depictions of virtue, judgment, failure, and perseverance. Let yourself be drawn into a world of battles and spaceships, werewolves and courtrooms; let yourself find the courage to stand up to it all.


Indiana Jones and the Lost World
Status: Finished in November of 2008
Word Count: Approximately 15,000
Plans: Theodora plans to leave this book to collect dust since, not only is it a fanfiction and therefore most likely unpublishable, the plot is childish and quite boring.

Indiana Jones and the Outlaws
Status: Finished in Winter of 2009
Word Count: Approximately 20,000
Plans: Since this book is another horrid time-travel fanfiction with a boring and childish plot (and has only one original character in the whole book), Theodora plans to hide it in the dark recesses of her hard drive to let it sleep there for all eternity.

Sangre: The Phantom's Lair
Status: Finished in November of 2010
Word Count: Approximately 38,000

Status: Finished in Summer/early Fall of 2011
Word Count: Approximately 60,000
Plans: Destiny was the beginning of Theodora's fantasy trilogy. She is already planning a trilogy around it, changing the name, and re-writing it.

The Night Phoenix
Status: Finished in November of 2011
Word Count: Approximately 80,000
Plans: Theodora plans to finish editing this novel by Summer of 2012, send the manuscript to a publisher during Fall of 2012, and hopefully have it published by Summer of 2013.

Of Whispers and Wanderings
Status: Finished in March of 2013.
Word Count: Approximately 26,000


Celtic Secrets
Status: Planning and writing. Started in April of 2012.
Word Count: Approximately 2,500
Plans: Theodora has a lot of other writing to do before finishing this, but until then, she'll write a chapter every so often.

The Phantom Island
Status: Planning and writing. Started in April of 2012.
Word Count: Approximately 10,000
Plans: This is not one of Theodora's top priorities at the moment, but she hopes to finish it by 2014 at the latest.

Status: Brainstorming and/or planning out.
Word Count: 0
Plans: Theodora is excited about this novel; it's an alternate reality/futuristic fantasy. However, she still has a lot of planning to do with it before she starts writing.

The Lone Captain
Status: Brainstorming.
Word Count: 0
Plans: Theodora still has a lot of work to do on this plot before she can even think of beginning writing it, but she looks forward to it nonetheless.

(Unnamed Fantasy Trilogy; Book One)
Status: Planning out and re-writing.
Word Count: 0
Plans: The top priority - This is the first book in Theodora's fantasy trilogy. Theodora believes it has a lot of potential, if only she could decide on the main plot.


  1. You go, Girl!!! You have the ability to accomplish all of your goals and then some. I always want you to remember how awesome you are. Truly.

  2. Thanks. : ) Those words mean a lot to me.

    1. And YOU mean a lot to me. Just sayin' =)

    2. i read part of your book on amazon, i thought it was a good start, but couldn't he have just head butted the jailer when he came into the cell, just to save time

    3. Y'know, that's something I realized just after self-publishing the book. My mind wasn't known for being consistent and rational when I was ten. : P

  3. -facetable-

    People with their accomplished everything, and me with my...jar of Nutella. D:

    Anyway, I am cheering you on. Write moar novels :D

    1. Haha, just keep working at it. You'll soon write your first novel, and believe me, it'll feel really good. ;)

      And I want a jar of Nutella. D:

      Hehe, thanks!