This is a page for links; the blogs of my friends, other blogs of mine, or other things that I think might be beneficial or interesting to any of ya'll. Every blog I post here has a purpose; none of them are just random, crazy blogs. Some hold helpful advice and tips to those who write; others lean more towards the spiritual and theological aspects. So I encourage you to check them out.


Other People's Blogs
Opinions, Thoughts, And General Rambling
Za's Writings
Another OtherWorld
Made Free
J. Grace Pennington
Let My Life Be A Light
The Rainbow in the Storm
He Knows Your Name
God's Country Boy
Aubrey Hansen
Teenage Writer
The Bigger Picture
BushMaid Design
Jonathan Garner
UK For Christ Blog
Chasing Woven Glass Through The Storm
Enter The Door Within
Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden {Wishful Thinking}
Exhortations by Elizabeth
Tri-World Stories
Walk With Us

Other Sites
UK For Christ
UK For Christ Twitter Page
The Rebelution

My Other Blogs

As Amhrain Agus Scealta
New Day Dawning
A Pirate's Life For Me (note: this blog is abandoned, and I made it a long time ago, so it's pretty silly; I only include it because technically it used to be one of my blogs)

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