Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Makeshift Calendar

Here is my vague calendar for the next few months, relating to writing.
November (LESS THAN A DAY AWAY! *dies): Write Operation Valiant; edit my friend Mary's novel; work on The Elven Werewolf Project with August Sinister and Nevik; don't die.

December: Edit The Night Phoenix; put Operation Valiant away for a month to give myself time to dwell on it; don't die.

January: Work on a query letter for The Night Phoenix; start editing Operation Valiant; don't die.

February: Finish editing Operation Valiant; don't die.

March: Fall down dead.
Okay, I think I'm good.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Update on The Night Phoenix

So, I might have mentioned a while ago (or maybe I didn't... ah well) that I was editing The Night Phoenix. Well, I finished that a few weeks ago.

Then I turned the manuscript over to a person I met on ; his username there is Aratrea, and that's what I'll call him to avoid confusion. I had posted a notice on the fantasy section of that website, asking if anyone would be able to do a third edit of The Night Phoenix (I had already read through it twice). Aratrea offered to do the job.

I got the revised copy back just a few hours ago. I haven't gotten the chance to read it, but it seems like he made quite a few suggestions--and all of them are very helpful.

So I'm going to go through again and make changes again. Then, depending on how I feel about it, I might ask another of my friends to edit it again. If I like how it turned out, I might just leave it and start working on a query letter to send out to some publishers.

Wish me luck!