Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Really Dislike Plot Bunnies

Why, in all the world, do I have to get stalked by about 20 of them?

That might be the reason I don't get any of my projects done. I have about 16 novel ideas that keep vying for attention, two script ideas, and various song ideas. And I can't concentrate on any one thing (specifically, the editing of my "Night Phoenix" novel) because of them.

I should invest in, like, a few jars of ink to lure the plot bunnies out of my head or something.


  1. if i may be so bold as to give a sudgestion, I advise that you concentrate on "Night Pheonix" as it is a great sounding story I think at least.

    1. Yeah, that's probably what I should do.

      And you can give suggestions at any time. :) I'm always open for suggestions.

  2. If I were you, I'd write all your plot ideas and save it on a thumb drive. Then focus on the "Night Pheonix".