Thursday, November 22, 2012

I regret to say this, but...

...I think I'm going to fail NaNoWriMo.

I mean, I won't if I lower my word count goal to 30,000. Most likely I'll win. It won't feel like an accomplishment though, since I wrote 80,000 words for The Night Phoenix last year.

But I guess things are busier. Or it might just be my loss of energy. It's kind of both--my family and I are very busy, and I don't have much energy this month. I blame it on emotional instability.

Ah, well. I guess I just have to give up writing a novel in a month and take a few months instead. All I've finished on my Calendar is editing my friend's novel. I've only written about 20,000 words so far on Operation Valiant--that's really bad, even for me.

I feel very ashamed of myself. But I keep telling myself I shouldn't, because it takes professional writers themselves a whole year to write a novel. It might take me a few extra months; hardly something to cry about.

And so... yeah, I don't know. I'll probably focus on writing Calm Tom Dawson so I can get self-publishing that out of the way, then editing The Night Phoenix.  Then I'll most likely spend Camp NaNoWriMo of next year working on Operation Valiant some more.


  1. Me too. I mean, I thought after my big exam ill have all the time I want to do nano in peace, but nah, not that lucky. I have loads of stufffffff......

  2. Psh. Don't say that. You've been in NaNo for how many years and I've just been there for three months xP