Friday, February 8, 2013

Updated Operation Valiant Character List

Ya'll remember that novel I was writing for NaNoWriMo in 2012? Yeah... I never finished it... got 20,000 words in, lost all shreds of sanity and energy, and gave up. I'll be returning to it, don't worry--I just need a break from writing novels for a while.

However, since the last time I mentioned it, I have come up with an updated character list. So without further ado, the seven main characters of Operation Valiant.


Seth Sheppard is the main protagonist (though there are six more). He's a loyal and rather quiet person--he has great self-control, and rarely ever gets angry. Unfortunately, that anger builds up inside of him until he ends up getting set off by the smallest of things. He's the unofficial leader of the British SAS group.

Christopher Gunn is a man who moved to London from Orlando, Florida when he was eleven years old. He's unbelievably calm; he hardly ever gets angry, and he rarely shows emotions--he's not apathetic (at least not much), he's just very composed. He and Seth become very good friends along the course of the novel.

Jamie Grant is the youngest of the team, at 25 years of age. I haven't developed his character as much as the others--I do know that he has problems with depression. That was the thing that stuck out to me as soon as the concept for his character arose in my head.

Finlay Morann is, at 36, the oldest of the group. He's boisterous and very friendly. When he's not on a mission, his hobby and favorite pastime is cooking. He's always wanted to be a chef--not very likely in German-occupied England in the year 2999.

Seamus Dillinger is Irish, but became an English citizen when he was in his early teens. He looks older than he is. He is the unofficial second-in-command, due to his no-nonsense manner and his quick thinking in a tense situation.

Nathan Shaw is an optimistic and chipper Scotsman with a rather short stature. He pretends that life is all just one big game, which helps him keep calm in the face of danger--he's learned to trick himself into believing it.

Tommy Cade is a cynical guy with a 'we're all going to die sometime' attitude. His sense of humor is ironic, and annoys the others to varying extents. Despite that, he is possibly the most fearless (and reckless) of the group, and the first one to leap into battle.

There you are, I hope you enjoyed reading that. I enjoyed writing it up. And no, I did not choose pictures of Lord of the Rings actors deliberately. I had the characters in mind, and then went on a hunt for actors or other people online that looked like the characters.

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