Monday, February 18, 2013

What I've Been Writing Lately...

I haven't been doing much writing lately. Life has swallowed most of my energy and motivation; I don't feel much like reading a good book, much less writing something other than the occassional blog post, poems, and journal entries.

I have, however, been doing just a little bit of writing. I'm in the process of finishing up a collection of short fiction—drabbles, poems, songs, and the popular short stories. I have about seventy pages worth at the moment, and I probably won't get much more than that. I have to finish about three more stories, a drabble or two, and a few poems. The whole book most likely won't exceed one hundred pages.

I know, that's not much. But like I said before, I have pretty much zero energy right now. High school and preparing for college are taking their toll. So, one hundred pages worth of short fiction is, in all likelihood, all you'll get for the rest of the year.

The title of this short fiction collection is, at the moment, Of Warriors and Werewolves. I know a few people who might shy away from the word 'werewolf'; let me tell you ahead of time that none of my stories focus completely on werewolves. The one story that mentions them doesn't describe them. My point is, werewolves do not play a very big part in the collection—wolves, however, do.

If you want more stories about werewolves (or any other sort of stories), you'd better tell me in the comments right off. By March 1st, I am not going to be writing any more short fiction, at least not for this collection.

However, I do have some news that may excite you (or it may horrify you; you never know). A while back—2011 to be exact—I self-published a pirate novel called Sangre: The Phantom's Lair.
I don't recommend buying it now, actually. I'm going to be honest, despite the fact I might lose money: my writing style has improved a lot since then, and I didn't do so well with Sangre. From what my friends say, the storyline is mostly original and the characters are interesting, but the overall writing style of the novel just isn't up to par.

Anyway, back on topic. I originally planned to write a series of these pirate novels (yes, Sangre was about pirates). I'm not sure how many books I planned on writing; I wanted to do one from each character's point of view, but that would mean coming up with and writing seven books—something I don't think I could do, at least not in the near future.

Wow, I keep rambling, don't I? Okay, okay, I'll cut to the chase. I am going to take up my pen and return to the Caribbean with the crew of the Ocean Raider. Yep, you heard right (cue the grins of excitement and/or the horrified gasps).

I'm not entirely sure what that story will be. I have two plot ideas already vaguely planned out; one of them involves Atlantis, and the other involves Ireland. I think I'm leaning more towards the one set in Ireland, for several reasons—one, I'm learning a lot about Ireland at the moment. Two, Scott O'Brien would be the main character; crazy Scotty was always my favorite character to write about during Sangre.

Now, like I said before, there is absolutely no need to buy Sangre before this upcoming novel. One, I want to save you from the writing style of that first attempt. Two, it's not terribly important to the plot of the second novel. Any information from Sangre that's vital to the next book, I'll add in a prologue.

All right, so, I'll sum this post up in a nutshell. I'm going to be self-publishing a collection of short fiction in a month or two (if you want me to write a specific type/genre, be sure to let me know before March 1st!). By next year, I should have a pirate novel self-published as well, at the very least.

So, that's what's been up with my writing. How have my writer friends been holding up? Any good news? Bad news?

God bless,


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  1. Oh! *Bounces* I'd /love/ to get a copy of 'Of Warriors and Werewolves' when it comes out. ^_^ If you'd happen to want anyone to read through parts of it, I'd be glad to help. (Do you have any stories with dragons in there? ;) )

    :D Good for you, getting back into writing. *Will be watching blog to hear more about this pirate story* B-)