Thursday, March 28, 2013

It draws ever nearer...

(I can never decide which words to capitalize in my blog titles. So I decided to only capitalize the first one.)

Anyway. As for what is drawing ever nearer...

That would be the publication of my short fiction collection, previously called Of Warriors and Werewolves.
I say previously, because it has had a title change! Thanks to my friend Ophelia (if you haven't followed her blogs yet, you should; I'll be waiting for you when you come back. Followed her? Okay, good), Of Warriors and Werewolves is now known as Of Whispers and Wanderings.

The new title seems to fit it better, so that will probably be the final title.

At the moment, Ophelia and another friend of mine, Jeremiah (I interrupt myself again to say: if you haven't followed his blog, get on over there and do that; seriously, you won't regret it) are test-reading the collection for me (and doing an amazing job, knowing them). While they do that, I'm making evil plans.

...evil plans being better described as trying to figure out formatting, planning how I'll promote it, and working on covers. I know, it's not evil, but hey, I enjoy pretending to be evil.

Formatting is still posing a problem, since I've zero skill in that. Fortunately, I know a lot of wonderful peoples who do have skill with interior formatting, so I'll probably be able to get that set up. Promotion ideas are remaining top-secret, just because I can keep them secret and no one can stop me. XD

As for covers... I had a ton of fun playing with Cover Creator on CreateSpace, and ended up making nine different covers. But I, being indecisive me, now has no idea which one to choose. I'll post them below and see if any of you have an opinion or suggestion. If you do, be sure to let me know in the comments.

(Oh, one more note, when I made these covers, my title was still Of Warriors and Werewolves. However, that has been changed now, so just disregard that when you look at the covers.)

So, without further ado (and because my frazzled brain can come up with nothing else to say), I shall post the covers below. Let me know what you think, my friends. Unless you already have, in which case you don't have to leave a comment if you don't want to. XD

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  1. *Skips about * Thanks for the mention, Renna. :) I'm glad you liked the title suggestions.

    *Grins* The second to the last cover is growing on me with the name change. :) (*Still likes the fire one too*)

    I'm /so/ looking forward to having a copy of this book!