Thursday, April 26, 2012

Whispers of Wind and Song

This is a new blog of mine, which will be completely writing related. Information about my novels, the processes of publication, writing tips, writing clubs and organizations I've joined--stuff like that.
It's called "Whispers of Wind And Song", because of several reasons. The word 'whispers' implies the story ideas that appear in my head, seemingly out of nowhere. 'Wind and song' refers to two or three different things.
'Wind' basically refers to stories--fantasy and magical stories mostly, but others as well. Because I've noticed that the wind tends to be a bringer of news and prophecies in several different fantasy novels.
'Song' refers to the poems and songs I write, as well as the music which plays an integral part in my inspiration process.
So, the literal (very literal) translation of the title "Whispers of Wind and Song" is "Story Ideas of Magic and Music".

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