Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo Is Almost Here!

Camp NaNo is coming up soon, and I have no idea what I'm going to do for it.
My Screnzy quest rather failed. I was going to write a novel instead of a script; but then I stopped writing halfway through the month, waited a week, started writing my novel Celtic Secrets, and then I stopped writing for Screnzy altogether. I started editing The Night Phoenix instead.

So, hmm...what to do for Camp NaNo? I really want to do it, so I can finish two novels this year--one for Camp NaNo, one for NaNoWriMo, and perhaps one I work on all throughout the year.
Here are the novels I've come up with to choose for Camp NaNo. I'd appreciate it a lot if you'd tell me which one I should do!

~ * ~

1) Celtic Secrets---Three Irish lads - Gareth Kelly, his brother Jesstin, and Gale Harkin - spend their free time exploring County Donegal, searching for crumbling ruins or exciting landscapes. One night, however, they go out against their parents' wishes and go explore an ancient castle they've found. Everything goes horribly wrong when they stumble through a portal and find themselves in the wonderful yet dangerous world of Faerie. The three lads begin their quest to return home to Ireland and close up the portal before creatures can escape onto Earth. But not everyone is who they seem in the magical world of Faerie...

2) Dreamscape---Riley and Derek have been best friends since childhood, all through their teenage years. Now, as adults, they don't speak with each other as often. Riley's in college; Derek is struggling to make a life for himself. They get together to catch up on old times one day, and are unexpectedly transported into an alternate reality/future; where the magical creatures and warriors of the past have taken control of Earth, and returned it to its former, mystical glory. This alternate reality is called Dreamscape, and it is a land in turmoil--there is no law, no order. Because of this, Riley and Derek are forced to do many quests for various creatures before they can get home. The question is, however...will they survive long enough to see 'home' ever again?

3) Ireland: The Banshee's Cry---Scott O'Brien, crewmate of the Ocean Raider, has always been fiercely protective of Claude DuPont, the fourteen-year-old cabin boy. So when Claude is kidnapped, Scott is furious and terrified all at once--even moreso when he finds out that the man to kidnap Claude is none other than Scott's arch-nemesis, Viper. So Scott and the rest of the Ocean Raider's crew head to Ireland (the country where Viper and Scott both grew up) to rescue Claude and defeat Viper once and for all.

4) Fiery Stars and Lone Hearts---A collection of poetry and songs I've written.

5) The Storychanger---Elijah Turner's home life is okay. He has a loving father who works at home (Elijah's mother ran off on adventures when he was a toddler), and although their apartment is quite messy at times, Elijah doesn't mind. He's a daydreamer, and, like his father, writes stories of his own. But at school, he's plagued by bullies, harsh teachers, and other common dangers on the streets of London. Every night he goes home, hides in his bedroom, and cries himself to sleep. One night, he unconsciously summons three characters from his stories--Harken, Sleet, and Niko. By summoning them, he opens a rift in between the Real World and the Dream World, allowing nightmarish creatures to stalk London. Now it's up to Elijah and his newfound friends to close the rift and save London.

~ * ~

I have reasons for wanting to write each of those.
I'd like to write Celtic Secrets because I like the basic plot, and I love Ireland, which I've been reading about lately. Also, Celtic Secrets is one of the few stories of mine that has teenage characters, which would make it easier for me and my friends to film a short film about it (something I'd love to do).
I'd like to write Dreamscape because I love the plot idea, I admit it. Also, it's a standalone fantasy novel that I think could reach up to a good 300 pages or more, if I write with the best of my ability. Besides, I like the idea of our future actually being more like the past.
I'd like to write Ireland: The Banshee's Cry for several reasons. One reason is that it's one of the books in my pirate series, which I self-publish on Amazon through CreateSpace (I've only got one pirate novel on Amazon, currently. For more information, check out my "Novels" page.) Another reason is that I'm trying to earn up enough money to go to Ohio this October, and if I get it on Amazon before then, I might earn a little bit of money, at least.
I'd like to write Fiery Stars and Lone Hearts reason, really. It's another book I'd put up on Amazon through CreateSpace, so I could get some money for it as well as display my poetry and song writing abilities (which, I admit, are meager; but I'm working at it).
I'd like to write Storychanger because I love the characters, I love the plot idea, and it's another one of my stories that has a teenage main character. I'm also fascinated by London, so yeah.

And there you have it! So which should I write for Camp NaNo? Please leave feedback!


  1. I think you should do Fiery Stars and Lone Hearts. That's just my opinion though. You don't give yourself enough credit. No matter your decision I know you will do well.....

  2. Aw, thanks. :) I'll think about it. Thanks again!

  3. Oh man, all of those sound like they'd be amazing. Fiery Stars and Lone Hearts I think sounds really cool...but then again, so do all of them. XD
    Sorry I'm not very good at choosing between things. But whatever you choose I know will be good!

  4. Haha, thanks, August! I'm thinking of just doing a novel for Camp, and then finished Fiery Stars and Lone Hearts later in the year.

  5. You could do your Irish one. Though please don't write in a Irish accent, that's just terrible....

  6. Ha, no, I don't write accents. I'm HORRIBLE at it. XD

  7. I think that my favorite of all of these plots is Storychanger. The plot sounds strong, the character ordinary enough and yet not unbearably mundane like all too many stories nowadays. Also, I can kind of relate to this guy, seeing as he writes stories. So, yes, I am definitely voting for Storychanger. I myself am not writing so sophisticated a novel for NaNo, but rather a parody of Jack and the Beanstalk entitled "Jack, the beans talk."