Monday, May 21, 2012

Seek The Stars...

Let's face it, contests are a ton of fun. And for readers and writers, contests such as The Starseekers Contest are even better.Wayne Thomas Batson is having a contest of epic proportions to celebrate the release of The Errant King: Book Two of the Dark Sea Annals.
Unlike a lot of other contests, earning points for the Starseekers is a lot of fun to do, and fairly easy. In doing so, you also get the chance to win amazing prizes, such as (but certainly not limited to) a brand-new Amazon Kindle; a character in WTB's next book named after you; free e-book downloads; or you might even get a REAL star named after you or your constellation (more on constellations in a second here)!
So, like I said, the prizes are amazing.
It ends June 26th, 2012, but you can still join in the fun. For more information and the rules, visit .
Or you can check out the Forum to see the new Quest, and see how it's played:
There are a few teams called 'constellations' on the forums. Those are the teams that 'battle' each other (in a friendly way, of course) in a race to get the most Cyrium points (more information about that on that link I posted above).

I'm in the PHOENIX CONSTELLATION if you're interested in joining the same team as me. We could use some more players.

Like I said before, the contest is a lot of fun, and if you have some spare time for it, I think it would be enjoyable for almost anybody.

Here's a list of Wayne Thomas Batson's books:
The Door Within

The Rise of the Wyrm Lord
The Final Storm
Isle of Swords
Isle of Fire
Curse of the Spider King
Venom and Song
Sword in the Stars
The Errant King

I highly recommend checking them out if you haven't seen them yet!
So...yes! If you do decide to join in, let me know in the comments. : )

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