Friday, June 1, 2012

*cue dramatic music*

It's here.

What's here, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

...wait for it, wait for it...


Yeah, I know, what's so cool about that? To most of you, probably nothing. I just felt like being all dramatic about it.
Anyway! I've decided what to write, and, shockingly enough--I decided to write something completely different than the ones I mentioned before! ((Here's where you all gasp simultaneously.))

Yep, I sure have. I was extremely close to writing Celtic Secrets. I was thinking, "Well, if I get it finished, me and a few buddies can turn it into a short film!"
Then I briefly thought, "Hey, even better idea! I can write The Wanderwild War (you haven't heard of that novel yet), and that one would be even easier to turn into a short film, because I wouldn't have to play a guy!" ((Yeah, I usually play guys in short films, roleplays, and whatever because...I don't actually know. Most of my book characters are guys. Dunno why, that's just the way 'tis. But in The Wanderwild War, one of the MCs is a girl about my age. ^.^))

Okay, back on-topic.

My novel is one I decided to write after reading Runemarks. I thought it would be fun to write a novel that involved prophecies, teenage heroes (believe it or not, most of my main characters in novels have been adults up to this point. Viggo Steele, for example, is 33), magic, and epic journeys. Only I'm going to try and write it so it's not the stereotypical, "Poor farmboy/girl/whatever is thrown into this huge epic war because they're the only hope, the only person who can save the land/planet/whatever from the evil empire/kingdom/whatever!"

So yeah. I've already got some of the characters planned out. And some of the plot. I SHOULD have the whole thing planned out, but I never quite got around to that. So I just have the four main characters: Mori, Calder, Neirian, and Chandra. And I have another main character whom I haven't named yet. And I've got probably the first ten chapters of the book planned out.

I should probably stop procrastinating and go work on that. So, fare thee well!

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  1. I'm part of NaNoWrimo too! If you want to find me there the name I use is N.E.M.O. I originally wanted to be just Nemo, but it was already taken so I switched to acronym form instead of breaking my mind trying to think up another appropriate name, if you know any
    Latin, you'll know why the name Nemo is so appropriate for someone like me, that is, you would, if you knew what who I was...which you don't...