Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Review for Wayne Thomas Batson's "The Final Storm"

Dark storm clouds, swirling and brooding, raced overhead. Lightning flashed, shedding eerie flickering light on a sea of armed knights in black armor. This army stretched all the way to the horizon.

A very intriguing and intimidating statement, yeah? That's the statement on the back cover of "The Final Storm", which is the stunning conclusion to the "Door Within" trilogy.
Here's the blurb that's on the back cover:

Will Alleble withstand the final storm?

Paragor, the betrayer of King Eliam, unites with the Wyrm Lord and the Seven Sleepers to launch a full-scale assault on the Kingdom of Alleble. While Alleble and its allies prepare to face the coming onslaught, they cling to an ancient legend about three witnesses who have the power to bring victory. But is the legend true? And if it is, where are they? Time is running out as darkness spreads over the realm, and Paragor unleashes the final storm.

I can tell you now, I was completely shocked at who the three witnesses turned out to be. I had never expected it. And no, I won't tell you who it is, if that's what you're wondering.
Here are some random things about the book:

333 pages
Third-person POV
Published by Thomas Nelson
Has a character list in the beginning
Has a map on the inside cover (both back and front)
Link To The Final Storm On Amazon

I'd have to say that I don't really have a favorite character, because they're all fun characters to read about. Mallik, Kaliam, Robby, Aidan, Antoinette, Trenna...the list goes on and on (and on and on and on...).

Another thing that drew me in was the cover. I don't particularly have a favorite color, but the color green has always caught my attention more easily than other colors. And the cover of "The Final Storm" is this really deep emerald green, and has this stone-like pattern to it. And the lightning, sky, dragon, and knights on the front cover all have a greenish tinge to them. So if I saw this book on the shelf (and hadn't checked it out beforehand because of a suggestion by a friend), I would have picked it out from all the others immediately, just because of the green.

Okay, that was rambly. What's that you say? "Rambly" isn't a word? Well, tough, I'm going to make it one.

Anyway! This book was amazing, and you should definitely read it. AFTER you read the first two books, "The Door Within" and "Rise of the Wyrm Lord". If you need something to push you along in that direction, here's a book trailer me and my brother made for "The Door Within". He does all the acting; I was the director, cameraperson, and I made/supplied all the props, i.e the scrolls and the sword. XD
I'm still learning to use Windows Movie Maker, so forgive me if it's so horribly messed up you can't read it or anything. : P

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