Sunday, June 3, 2012

Prophecy Of The Four

That is, the working title of my Camp NaNo novel. It's not a good title at all, and I'm going to change it...soon...tomorrow...someday...within the next decade... >.>

Here's a prophecy I wrote for it (it's kinda the main thing I get the plot ideas from, so if you read this, you'll know as much about the plot as I do, XD):
I see a warrior of the Wind, swift and clever.
I see a knight of the Sun, loyal and strong.
I see a vagrant of the Forest, troubled and fierce.
I see a youth of the Night, proud and wronged.

I see a traitor standing at the gate, avoiding all eyes,
I see a sacrifice, remembered forever in memory and song.

The Forgotten will awake from the Dark Fortress.
And the Fey shall rise and Seven Worlds be lost.
Unless the Seven Bearers wake
And the Wanderer be freed from the frost.

When the Wanderer and the Four meet,
They will bring hope to one another's hearts.

I see one of the Four in a ring of fire,
Half-dead and resigned to their fate.
I see a meeting at the edge of Dreams,
Of the desperate and the frightened, filled with hate.

I see a funeral pyre on the shores of Silbern,
And grieving comrades standing side-by-side.

What do ya'll think?

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