Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lately, I've been writing a ton of...

...poetry. Yep. I've written almost twenty different poems very recently. And I wrote a ton more before that.

I'm seriously considering compiling all of my poetry (and maybe my songs, which I've written about ten of...they take considerably more work than poems) into a book. Whether or not I'll actually self-publish it is a whole other thing entirely. Mostly because my poems and songs say a lot about me, my emotions, and my thoughts, and that's kind of a big thing for me.

So...anyway. If I do compile it all into a book, I might secretly let people read the book...without telling my mom...because if she read it she'd be all, "WHAT YOU THOUGHT THAT ABOUT THAT OTHER THING AND YOU NEVER TOLD ME HOW YOU FELT?" And I'd be all, " the time, you would have gotten angry and it's not really something I wanted you to know and so yeah." compile or not to compile, that is the question.

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